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After care


Firstly, expect your new hair to take up to seven days to settle down and for you to get used to wearing your extensions.

Always try to visit your stylist for your first hair wash so they can explain the best technique and only use specialist hair extensions formulated products such as the Racoon Xtend Aftercare range.

Pat dry your hair, do not rub. Spritz with a leave-in conditioner, such as the Racoon Xtend Everyday Leave-in Conditioner, on the middle and ends avoiding the root area. Blast dry the scalp area to thoroughly dry the hair bonds, then leave to dry naturally or style as recommended by your stylist.

Only use a Racoon bristle brush and start brushing at the ends of the hair and work your way upwards.

As with your own hair, never brush your extensions when wet, instead use a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles, taking care around the bonds.

With real hair extensions, most heated styling appliances can be used as normal. 
A couple of times a day, you should try and separate your extensions. Starting at the roots, make sure each bond is separated from the natural hair above and below. It’s quick and prevents any natural shedding getting caught up.

While sleeping, loosely tie your hair in a plait or ponytail to prevent knots. But, do not use uncovered elastic bands as this damages both your natural hair and your extensions.

You can have your own hair coloured whilst wearing extensions but this should only be undertaken by a professional.


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