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Casabella Juuksestuudio
Narva maantee 22 Tallinn
Avatud: E-R 10-19 L 11-16
Tel: (+372) 661 5888
E-post: info@casabella.ee

Casabella Juuksestuudio Tartu
Jakobi 38, Tartu
Avatud: E-R 9-17
Tel: 56 957322
E-post: tartu@casabella.ee

Hair extensions


Welcome to the new you

Maximise your style with added colour and thickness form as little as  with Racoon hair extensions.

With over 15 years experience working with varying types of hair extension, Casbella Hair Studio are recognised as one of the Estonias’s leading experts within this field. We advise nationally and are regularly chosen to work for film and TV shoots. We use only the finest quality Euro hair and offer a full aftercare maintenance and rotation service.

So why have hair extensions?

■To add colour
■To add soft waves
■To add low lights where hair is to sensitive for traditional colouring methods
■To add length
■To thicken up natural hair
Our guarantee to you

■We use only the finest quality European hair
■Racoon hair extensions will not damage your hair
■A full consultation will ensure that hair extensions are suitable for you
■We provide a full aftercare maintenance and rotation service
About Racoon hair extensions
The Racoon System provides arguably the finest hair extension service in the world. It was first demonstrated in 1994 at Salon International. Since then, Racoon has become the undisputed market leader in the UK.

Beyond the salon
Racoon has teamed up with product development experts to formulate a range that meets the special needs of extended hair.

By balancing gentle cleansing and moisturising agents with natural plant extracts, Racoon have produced tailored treatments for every stage of the hair extensions process. From clarifying hair prior to application through to home styling, the Racoon-Xtend range takes care of it.

The full Racoon-Xtend range is available to buy in salon at Casabella Hair Studio.

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