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Casabella Juuksestuudio
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A and Q


Questions and answers

Can hair extensions damage my hair?

Absolutely not, when applied by a professional your hair can only improve. It is of course essential that you care for and maintain your extensions.

Will maintaining my hair extensions take a lot of time and is it expensive?
Prior to hair extensions being applied you will receive a full consultation with your stylist. You will be advised of the maintenance required for your own personal extensions. Following these guidelines will ensure that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Are hair extensions uncomfortable to wear?
Hair extensions only hurt is they are applied to close to the scalp. Racoon hair extensions are applied 2cms from the scalp, leaving you pain free and looking fantastic.

I love to wear my hair up in the summer, is this possible with hair extensions?

Yes. When applying extensions we always leave enough hair to cover any bonds.
No one need ever know your secret…

How long will my hair extensions last?

Generally without any rotation hair extensions will last for about 3 months. 

What is rotation?
Rotation is the removal process of lower hair and the re-application back on to new hair growth.

I would love a total new look, how can I achieve this?
Try experimenting with hi-lights or low-lights at first. A few extensions at the side of your hair and you are on the way to a new you. 
Will the glue used to apply hair extensions damage my hair?
Casabella Hair Studio do not use glue to apply hair extensions. We use a bonding material made exclusively for hair extensions that is tested to meet rigorous quality controlled procedures.

Does the heat when applying extensions damage my hair?
Racoon extensions apply no heat, the bonding when placed onto extension and then added to your natural hair creates less heat than your straightning iron, hotbrush or some blowdrying tools.